Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The case of the curious graffiti

Tonight's Channel Four news provided an amazing hate-fest against Israel. I had thought better of Channel Four, but apparently not.

It was always the case of course that the TV journalists, who'd been denied access to Gaza while the Israelis were actually there, would be shepherded in [and I use the word advisedly] by photogenic Palestinians and encouraged to vent their spite. What amazed me though was that they would apparently believe everything that the people they met told them without even attempting to verify them.

The most interesting was the graffiti that we saw in a building [or was it several different buildings? I'm not sure, but the handwriting all looked curiously similar to me, so it must have been just the one building mustn't it?] that had been used as a base by the Israeli military. There it was, evidence of the evil Joos' pathological hatred of the Palestinians, plain for all to see. I can't remember the exact words now, but it was all along the lines of "The only good Palestinian is a dead Palestinian". Remarkable that soldiers in a life and death situation would take the time out to chisel their evil mottoes into the stone of the buildings. Even more remarkable that they would do it in English, for the convenience of an international audience, rather than in their native Hebrew.

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